Jaime's embarrassing journal entries about boys she loved and also how much she wanted to get her period

I think this one can be summed up like this: books, Barbies, journals, ear infections, poop, beer

1. I don't think I got that Michael Jackson hat. Bummer.

2. Because it's information everyone needs to know 

3. For the record, I didn't get kissed at Sasha's party 

4. Did you hear? My life was planned at 14.

5. This one takes a turn for the depressing

6. At this point it’s hard to tell who I was more into: Humperdink or Jag

7. We mesh well, you know? He’s a part of me.

8. The continuing saga of my love for Steven, in journal form

9. Soccer didn't help me lose weight because I ate two dinners every night on account of all the running

10. You guys, it's getting harder and harder to come up with these fake names

11. Oh Vienna. I will always miss you.

12.  I still change my mind 1nc a month about the boys I like

13. Apparently my 'star' included my children wiping their dirty hands on me as that happens a lot

14. I spent way too much time figuring out how to type an up arrow on the keyboard for authenticity

15. 'Something in me will die if I don't' (#tbt)

16. Where's Berkely? #tbt


  1. you need to write a book full of all of you embarrassing journal entries. they are HILARIOUS! and actually, pretty well written!

    1. Ha! Thank you! Although I'm pretty sure I want some entries to never see the light of day!


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