Tuesday, March 20, 2012

At this point it’s hard to tell who I was more into: Humperdink or Jag

I don’t even know what to say anymore.  After flu, and then more flu, and then possibly more flu, I took Adele in for her 18 month check up today and oh by the way, SHE HAS STREP THROAT.

(She’s crazy tall, too, and at 23 month development but still has a tiny head that will probably plague her for the rest of her life, in case you were wondering.)  (Back to complaining now.)

So, here we are.  She had a fever over the weekend but I just attributed it to the flu, and that may have been what was wrong, but I didn’t take her to the doctor because there’s not much they can do, and Sebastian recovered so quickly I didn’t see the point, especially since I was taking her today anyway.

So we got another antibiotic and another bottle of wine.  This time it was a bigger bottle.  You know, I really wouldn’t buy this much wine if the children would stop getting sick.  It’s just that I go to the pharmacy and the wine is just sitting there, calling out to me.  I am too weak to deny it.

Also my air conditioner isn’t working and it’s supposed to be almost 90 degrees today.

So since I am immersed in a hot, sick house with little energy to put up the clean laundry, let alone form rational, complete sentences, let’s read some more from my journal, shall we? 

Here’s the first one.  Second.  Third.  Fourth.  And Fifth.


Wednesday, January 22, 1992 (10 and a half years old)

I hate Humperdink.  He is so mean.  Me and Tallullah hit him on his back.  I’m thinking about starting a club.  I think the rules should be: We have to wear a certain color clothes each day, we have to have a notebook that has the boys we like first to last.  I love Jag so much.  I don’t think he likes me.

And the following day:

Thursday, January 23, 1992

I love Jag.  I’m writing a book for the young authors books.  I hope I win.  I think I might.  I want to live in a beachhouse and marry Jag and have some kids.  I want to be a Pediatrition.  I really, really, really like him.  I love kids especially newborns.  I want to have two kids.

The next week:

Monday, January 27, 1992

I absolutely hate Humperdink, but I love Jag, he is so cute.  Today he came to school wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt.  Mrs. Jones got mad at a boy who said ‘oh shit’ in the bathroom.  She was in a happy mood until then.

(Present-day Jaime is still traumatized by hearing the teacher yell “I’LL TEAR YOU UP!” to the boy who said ‘oh shit’ in the bathroom.)

The next day:

Tuesday, January 28, 1992

Today was bad.  I am sick of Humperdink.  I want to move.  I love Jag.  All Tallullah says I think is not true.  She writes a not saying its from her boyfriend.  She says she frenched him and she said she got drunk while she was at her dads.  I think it is a bunch of bullshit.  I love Jag 4-ever in a wonderful life and after amen.  I love him very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much.

Happy Spring!


  1. Oh my gosh. I'm laughing at the 'hit him in the back' part. You probably traumatized him forever. Or at least a few weeks.
    Love the journal entries!

    1. Ha! I may have! I'm glad you're enjoying them! I try not to cringe too much...


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