Friday, March 23, 2012

Homemade Friday: BABIES! (And their sweaters)

No, not mine.

But my friends keep having them.

Recently, I had two friends have baby boys within a couple of months of each other, one this week (Hi Becca and Jeff and baby Hunter!) So fortunately I was forced (FORCED I TELL YOU!) to knit sweaters for the little guys.

As the babies were due right around the same time, I began the sweaters pretty close together, many, many months ago.  I had high hopes of knitting them in time to give them to the ladies at our Christmas get-together in mid-December, before either of the babies were here.

I ... did not make that deadline.

Actually, the sweaters were done.  Everything was ready but the blocking and the buttons, which, as I've said before, I make my mom sew on because she's awesome.

But, scheduling was wonky and I didn't have dry sweaters ready for my mom when she was available, so they languished, for months, almost complete.

And then the deadline was the due dates.  And that one I made, sort of.  Shayna had little Nickson and his head full of adorable blond hair the end of January.  We didn't make it to see them until he was a month old, maybe older, and by then I was hoping that the sweater would still fit.

For Nickson I made the BabyDROPS 19-17 pattern (catchy name, no?) using my usual knitpicks shine sport yarn. It was soft and cabley and perfect.  My mom loved it, if that tells you anything.

Becca got her baby sweater for her birthday, which was a few days before Hunter arrived.  For him I made the Gramps Cardigan, which was the same one I made for a friend in the fall who had a little boy.  I forgot to take pictures of it, as I am forgetful and spend most of my days sleepy.  If you'd like to see it, look at this one and picture it in a greyish color.

Baby sweaters.  They make me want to have more babies, though I seem to have forgotten that when I'm pregnant I have almost no desire to knit at all because it exhausts too much energy.

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