Friday, July 14, 2017

Sew all the things: Birkin Flares

The most satisfying thing of all to sew is a well-fitting pair of jeans.

This is my sixth pair of Birkin Flares. (I know. It's ridiculous). I can't seem to move on from this pattern because it's just perfect for me. High waisted, curvy (my waist is about two sizes smaller than my hips so everything normally has to be adjusted), perfect pocket placement. I've used this pattern to make flares, bootcut, skinny jeans, more skinny jeans.

I've spent a lot of time perfecting the fit, especially with the skinny jeans - which was a lesson in patience and new, inventive ways to curse. So I'm hesitant to start all over with another pattern that may not produce good results.

The pattern is well written and easy to follow. The fly is the most difficult part, and even that's not so hard if you slow down. (Let's not talk about how many times I've sewed the fly closed accidentally.)

For this pair I made a smaller size because the denim was so stretchy and decreased each flare by 4 inches.

Fabric is 9 oz stretch denim indigo slub from Indiesew.

I wish it wasn't so incredibly hot outside so I would be more comfortable wearing these ...

Here are my previous five versions, in case you want to see.

(There are entirely too many pictures of my butt in this post.)


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