Friday, March 30, 2012

Homemade Friday: The neverending socks, they are finished

Hey, remember these socks? 
I stole this picture.

Finished!  Finally.

I loved knitting the socks, no matter how much I complained, and I'm always happy to make things for friends.  I really enjoy seeing people wear and like things I've made for them.

I just wish I'd focused on them a little more.  I started the socks so long ago (almost THREE MONTHS!) so the whole process started to drag on, unfortunately.

But they have been bathed and blocked and are in the hands of Angela, my neighbor.

Just in time for a heat wave.

I think it's supposed to be 80 degrees today.  Perfect wool knee sock weather.

(I'm very timely.)

Pattern is Delicious Knee Socks by Laura Chau.  It was a very good and easy pattern.  I liked that it was customizable and I could fit them directly to Angela's legs.  (Actually, I just guessed on the measurements but it looks like they fit okay.)  I have plans to make a pair for myself.  One day. I've never knit a toe-up sock before, and it I was happy to finally cross that off my list of things I should know how to do.

Taking a bath.

Hey look at these adorable pictures of my children who have nothing to do with this post, other than they are the main reason finishing the socks took me so long!


  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only knitter with these problems! I've got a cozy winter hat that's been sitting here waiting for the last couple rows, which I will probably finish just when the final cold snap is over. I've totally given up on knitting anything complex until my kids are older; I can't imagine how long it would take me finish a sweater now!

    1. My knitting kind of tapers off when the weather starts warming up. I still knit, it's just not with the same urgency as when it's cooler outside. Plus I always have a hard time finishing socks! They just seem to take FOREVER!


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