Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The construction paper egg wreath that almost wasn’t*

Sebastian is supremely excited about Easter coming up, which is evidenced by the fact that when he asked me to decorate the house on Sunday evening and I said we’d do it later because I was trying to recover from a Saturday evening without the kids and with a couple of bottles of wine, unbeknownst to me he marched upstairs by himself, got the box of decorations out of the closet and either carried or threw it down the steps.  I was outside so I’m still not entirely sure how he got the tote downstairs.  Luckily I have about two decorations so it was pretty empty.

So after setting up a little egg tree and a couple of rabbit candles, I figured it would be a good idea to find some kind of craft to make.  I headed to pinterest last night after the kids went to bed and spent a good hour hunting around.  (I know it’s been said so many times before, but holy hell time just disappears when I’m on there.)

I actually didn’t find what I wanted, but I did find this website, which is remarkable in that this woman seems to have an endless mental capacity for developing fun things for her little boy to do.  I am exceedingly jealous, and will probably also steal most of her ideas. 

But that’s not where I got the idea for what I did.  I got that from here.  I obviously didn’t follow the craft exactly as it was presented because I didn’t like the way the printable eggs looked, but it did give me a starting point.

While Sebastian was at school this morning I set about cutting out a ton of construction paper eggs.  I probably could have let him attempt that himself, but he gets easily frustrated if something doesn’t work the way he wants it to and I’m not sure he’d be satisfied with a subpar egg.  Plus he’s been extra sensitive lately.  (I think he might be sick again.  Let’s all whisper-read that so maybe it won’t be true.  And it shouldn’t be true as he’s still on his antibiotic for his strep, but I did forget to send the kids’ medicine when they went to see their grandparents this weekend.  Cause I’m an awesome mom.)

While I cut out the eggs and paper plate Adele yelled at me for not letting her play with the scissors and also ate the scrap paper.  I let her because I only got 5 hours of sleep because someone decided to wet entirely through her diaper, pajamas and sheets.  I was too tired to care, is what I’m saying.

When Sebastian got back from school I thought he’d be excited about the project I’d painstakingly laid out for him to do, but as the aforementioned possible sickness and also probable sleep deprivation from listening to his sister scream probably already led you to realize, he was not.  No, all he wanted to do was watch a show.  When I refused, he offered to make the egg wreath and then watch a show.  I also said no to that.

Mad because she wants to play with the glue. 
Also, don't look in my messy cabinet.  It's impolite to judge.
And so after much screaming and tears and a long time-out in his room wherein he put his pajamas on, which is what he always does when he’s sent to his room to cool down (maybe pajamas help keep him comfortable, which in turn helps him calm down? Possibly?), he finally decided that maybe making the wreath might be kind of neat.  (I just realized that it sounds like he was punished for not wanting to do the craft.  He wasn’t.  He was punished for pitching a fit because I wouldn’t let him watch TV because he has limits on that sort of thing.)

And he did enjoy it.  I put some glue on the plate and showed him where to put a couple of eggs and he did the rest.  It took about two minutes, if that.  Since I had some eggs left over I tried to get him to make another one, but he was done.  He wouldn’t even hold it up and let me take a picture so I let the bunny do that, which he’s convinced is the Easter Bunny.  His uncle and almost-aunt bought it for him last year and he pulled it out recently and has hardly let it out of his sight.

It’s a fun little craft, provided you have a preschooler who is not possessed by a demon, as mine seems to be lately.  Maybe we’ll try it again on another day that isn’t so fraught with drama.

The finished product.  With bunny. We will hang it up with pride.

*I realized after I posted yesterday that it was my 200th post.  It was … decidedly unworthy.

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