Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I still change my mind 1nc a month about the boys I like

As it is now the week of Thanksgiving and my brain is occupied with daydreaming about my dad's stuffing and my mom's pecan pie, formulating thoughts aren't happening so well.  Kind of like that last sentence that doesn't even make sense to me and I just wrote it.

Or maybe I'm a bit scatterbrained because my children have reset my internal alarm clock for 4 a.m. and so I am currently passive aggressively yelling at them in my mind while simultaneously sleeping in my mind and I don't have much else room for making sentences that are coherent and/or entertaining.

(Or I could just stop making excuses and right something that was worth a shit anymore.  Either way ...)

So let's make fun of me some more, shall we?  We haven't had a journal entry in awhile, and I think it's about time. 

(The rest of my lovely, embarrassing journal entries can be found here.)


8-14-93 (12 years old)

I think I should start writing in this journal some more.  I hardly ever do.  I guess its just hard for me to put my feelings into words.  (Oh the MELODRAMA!)

I really like Beacon.  I think I change my mind about 1nc a month about the guys I like.  But I think I might like Beacon for awhile.  I think he might like me.  Before school got out he kinda flirted with me.  If he does like me he's afraid to show it because I'm not in the "in" crowd or because Humperdink doesn't like me or something like that.

I can't wait for school to start.  I'm kinda nervous to because I won't know most of the people there & I don't think I'll know what to do.  We start school on Aug. 30.  I haven't even gone school shopping yet. 

Last night I dreamed that I was pregnant & I kept trying to hide it.  I was pretty big.  The funny thing is no one seemed to notice I was pregnant.


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