Friday, November 16, 2012

Homemade Friday: Chocolate Graham Crackers

These came about, as most of the things I do in life, because Sebastian was bugging me.

I'd printed out this recipe from Weelicious months ago because they looked easy and delicious and like it was something he and I could do together.  We don't even try to let Adele help anymore as it usually ends in loud, ear-splitting disaster. 

In this photo you can see the difference in cutting out cookies the
right way and the wrong way.  Also his glee in making me insane.

However, I overestimated my ability to just go with the flow and not care that Sebastian was cutting his chocolate graham cracker leaves right out of the middle instead of on the edges LIKE I ALREADY TOLD YOU FIVE TIMES, CHILD! 


I really need to work on my coping skills, apparently.

Everyone's cookie sheets look like this, right? 
It's not just mine?

But about a week ago on one of those afternoons where I start to feel like I'm neglecting my 1950s motherhood duties I brought out this recipe. 

I mixed everything up according to the directions.  The only deviation was that I used dark chocolate cocoa, which I would highly recommend for anyone who uses cocoa.  It's just better.  Especially in brownies.

Wait, I did actually have to add more water than the recipe called for.  And I used my kitchenaid mixer instead of a food processor. 

I separated the dough in two because it was a lot to work with at once.  Sebastian and I took turns rolling it out.  He's got his own I found from For Small Hands.  (I love everything that site has to offer.)

The leaf cookie cutter was the smallest of a set I got years and years and years ago and hardly every used.  But it was perfect.  It made small cookies, which are great for my kids' hands.

The only problem was that this recipe made a ton of cookies.  Like a lot.  Like a whole ton of a lot.

Like 162.  I know because I counted.  Because I am insane.

The recipe is called 'graham crackers' but really it's like a small chocolate cookie that you don't feel awful giving your children.  (Whole Wheat Flour!  Honey!  Cinnamon!)

The kids loved them and so did the rest of us.  Except for all the mess it left on our teeth.

How nice would it be to wake up from a nap
and have fresh cookies waiting?  Lucky child.

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