Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pretend it's still Halloween

I have to say that yesterday was one of the best Halloweens we've ever had.

Sebastian was old enough to be super excited about every part, including going home from trick-or-treating to hand out candy to all the other kids.  And Adele, once she figured that if she walked up to strangers' doors with her bag open people would just give her candy, she was all for it.

Look at the camera, Adele!

We're not ones for staying out all that long because none of us need as much candy as they get and plus, like I said, it's pretty fun just handing some out to all the other kids.

But everyone quit early this year since it was so cold so we didn't actually get to hand out that much.  Sebastian was a little disappointed and tried calling to various children who were across the street saying "Hey!  We've got candy here!"  Sometimes it worked and every time it embarrassed his father.

So we have a ton of candy left over, but most of it is milk duds which nobody likes because eating them hurts and kind of makes me nervous that one of my teeth will just pop out one day stuck to a piece of tough caramel.

But I'd already eaten about 3/4 of the good candy anyway, so no big deal.  Anybody want some milk duds?  Or whoppers?  We've got lots of those, too.

I had a great time.  The kids were relatively well behaved.  Adele fizzled out early so Chris took her back home and Sebastian kept walking for about 5 minutes more until we both decided that it was a good time to head home ourselves.

Sebastian takes after his father in that he can't get his
picture taken without making a face.

None of us got too cold ourselves because we all had layers on.  Adele was dressed in a full fleece outfit that I was a little jealous of, she looked so warm.  I also had a gnome outfit for her, but it came with a skirt and felt it wouldn't be good parenting to put her in it, even though it was much cuter than the butterfly she ended up with.  And really, we all would have been miserable if she was miserable, you know?

Sebastian had a ninja costume made out of flannel, complete with a hat that covered his face, and long johns on underneath so he was warm, too.  I'll ramble on more about it tomorrow because I MADE IT MYSELF.  (I know.  I CAN'T WAIT EITHER!)

So we had a good Halloween this year.  Especially Adele with her bouquet of suckers she kept taking out of our candy bowl, opening and licking.  Then repeating the process.

Sugared up, both of them.

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