Friday, November 30, 2012

Homemade Friday: I finally, for real, finished the damn striped sweater

And it is delicious.

Yes, I just described my knitting as delicious, but I truly think it is fitting.

It took me almost a year to complete, and even though I said I wanted to make sure I finished weaving all of the ridiculous amounts of ends before it got cold, I didn't.  I procrastinated and cheated on it with other knitting projects, such as socks and deer that show their love for each other on a hat. 

But it is done.  Completely.  I finished it two weeks ago, which isn't quite a year after I started it, so I think I'm still a winner in the knitting department.

However, the child has grown.  The sweater fits perfectly rightthissecond.  If I want it to last any longer I'll have to lengthen the sleeves and lengthen the body.  But that's not too much trouble.

It's good for now.  And he likes it, even if he makes weird faces when I take pictures of him wearing it.

It's soft and has clean lines and is lightweight and comfortable.

I want one.

(No I didn't crop the smoothie out of those two pictures because I didn't notice it until I was almost finished and my daughter is in her crib yelling instead of sleeping like she's supposed to be doing so I'll probably have to go rock her and my 15 minute lunch break is now over.  Don't judge me.)

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  1. Even though my mom used to knit me tons of amazing sweaters, I never ever got an awesome striped one like this. Gorgeous!


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