Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby gets bangs

I didn't really want to do it.  But every morning I fight and cajole and bribe and distract her to let me have 30 seconds to put her hair up so it's not hanging in her eyes.  And then I pull half of her hair out every evening when I take out her pony tail holder.

Plus it was just taking too much time to grow long enough to stay behind her ears

So I annoyed and pestered Christopher long enough to get him to agree with me to cut bangs so if this all turned out bad I could just turn to him and say "But you told me to do it!"

Luckily there is no need for that.

I mean, yes, when I saw the first cut and her eyes that weren't covered by mass amounts of hair anymore, my stomach did kind of flop around and then sink.  But not because of how it looks.  Just because she is my baby and this is the first time ever cutting her hair in all of her 2 years and I can't believe that so much time has past and where is my tiny, fussy infant?

(She's turned into a bigger, fussy toddler.)

The kids and I went to my parents' house this morning to help bake some pies for Thanksgiving (because we need 5 pies for 11 people, oh yes we do).  I thought this would be a good time to have my dad trim Adele up since he's the official first-haircut-cutter.  Plus I didn't want to give myself too much time to think about it because I am a wuss and would totally back out if I thought about it for more than a day and a half.

So after the pies were baked, with help from both of the kids, who were remarkably well behaved, I convinced Dad to start.  We stuck her in the high chair to keep her still.  She was pretty weirded out, and had no idea why everyone was holding her down and coming at her face with scissors and taking her picture.

(It's a rite of passage, Adele!)

Let me remind you of the before:

She did much better than I thought she would.  She hated having all the little pieces of hair in her face and kept trying to brush them off, but other than that and sitting about as still as you'd expect a 2 year old who's never had a haircut before, which is not at all, everything was fine.

But my baby isn't my baby anymore.

Luckily potty training is going horribly in that she refuses to sit on the potty and also refuses to keep her diaper on and I have to monitor her pretty heavily so that I don't spend my days cleaning up various accidents off of the floor.

At least she still needs me.

That bump on Adele's forehead is where Chris said her
horn was poking through.  Or she fell on a rock.  Whichever.

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