Monday, May 2, 2011

Random Rainy Monday

1. Can't seem to wake up today.  I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the rain.
2. Milli Vanilli were awesome.  I wonder what ever happened to them.
3. Cincinnati was so, so good.  My husband and I were able to spend some much-needed time alone together.  I'll have a real post about it some time later.  No promises on when, though.
4. My mom kept Adele for us.  Of course she had zero crying fits and slept all through the night for her.
5. That really makes me question myself as a mother.  What am I doing wrong?
6. I'm thinking I need to stop trying to force her on a schedule and relax and go with the flow a little.
7. I'm not really a go with the flow type of person.
8. We'll see how this goes.
9. Yesterday didn't even seem like it happened.
10. I think I spent the whole day trying to organize all the crap that's thrown about my house.
11. And also putting together Ikea furniture.
12. I usually make my husband do that part but I thought I'd try my hand.
13. It's not really that hard.  I don't know what he's been complaining about all these years.
14. We bought some paint yesterday, and hope to get the living room and dining room painted within the next few weeks.
15. I can't wait.  We've had the same colors on our walls since we bought the house almost three years ago.
16. I've never really liked them.
17. We're doing shades of grey downstairs.
18. Yes, that's grey with an 'e'.
19. I like it better that way.
20. That's also Sebastian's middle name.
21. I like British spellings for words better.  Like 'colour.'
22. It looks more like that's how it's supposed to be spelled.
23. Even I'm bored with this list.
24. Almost done.
25. Rain, rain, go away ...

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