Tuesday, May 3, 2011

At least the floors are clean, I guess

Oh geez, guys.  Yesterday was one of THOSE DAYS.  The type of days where you can’t seem to catch your breath and it’s all you can do not to run from the house and leave the kids to fend for themselves.

It all started with pee on the floor. 

You see, I deal with pee a lot throughout the day.  Sebastian doesn't always hit the toilet and those cloth diapers leak if you don't change them often enough.  Then there's the soaked inserts I have to physically pull out of the diapers to put in the pail.  (I wash my hands a lot.)

But I don't usually have this much of a mess.  In the morning Sebastian said he had to go potty and I was putting Adele in her high chair for breakfast, so Chris was helping him.  The little guy didn’t get there fast enough.  I hear ‘No!  Wait!’ and walk into the bathroom to see Chris frantically pitching out of the bathtub all the bath toys that are stored there.  Sebastian, still in his underwear, needed a place to finish peeing somewhere with a drain.  But of course that didn't mean there wasn't pee all over the floor.

There was pee all over the floor.

Chris had to go to work, so I was left with the mess.  And it wasn’t just the floor, of course.  The potty stool, the bath toys, the wet clothes all had to be cleaned.  Before my coffee.  (Decaf, but still symbolic and meaningful.)

The morning stayed pretty uneventful until I took Adele upstairs for her nap.  As I'm changing her diaper I hear a loud bang.  Sometimes I just ignore those since Sebastian is a loud and rambunctious little boy, but something made me think I should check on him.  I walk downstairs, into the kitchen, and step directly into a wet puddle. 

“I’m cleaning with this, Mama,” he said.

Apparently he'd gotten this cleaner (hippy cleaner, so don't worry) that I had in a spray bottle on the counter and dropped it on the floor where the top came off and it spilled.  He also spilled some on his pants so took those off and I found him standing on a chair at the kitchen sink in his underwear trying to fill the spray bottle back up.


At least this mess smelled better than pee.

I'd promised him that once Adele was asleep I'd let him paint on his new easel, so I set it all up and set out some paint and brushes and left him to it while I put up laundry.  (This is why I never have my laundry put away.)  It was very quiet.  Very, very quiet.  The type of quiet that is so loud you start hearing the quiet.  So I check on him.  He'd gotten tired of painting on the paper and decided that his feet and hands were a much better canvas.  And also the carpeted floor.  (Don't ask me why I had the easel set up in a room with carpet.  I HAVE NO IDEA.)  And maybe his pants.

And so I clean that up.  Sort of.  I think he still has paint under his toenails and we may need a carpet cleaner to finish cleaning the floor.

And then. AND THEN!  When I had to put Adele down for the night Chris was working on homework so Sebastian was watching a show in the living room.  I came downstairs to more laundry thrown all over the room, all the couch cushions off, and Sebastian in nothing but his underwear. 

Apparently he spilled milk all over his shirt and the couch.

Has no idea the type of havoc he wreaks.


  1. oh boy, you are on the front lines. It gets better as the youngest one gets older. I remember having these days with paul and anna when anna was a baby and paul was 3. It was EXHAUSTING and I wanted to cry all the time out of frustration. I still find myself in those moments but not as often as when they were both little little little. balancing two children is so tricky.

  2. It is tricky! But I've got hope that it'll get better. It has too, right? :)


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