Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I knew I shouldn't have mentioned ear infections in Monday's post

Well, apparently, it wasn’t just bad parenting.

Ear infections.  Both children.  This is where I sit back and say, ‘Wow.  That makes total sense.  Way to use your brain, there Einstein.’

After another night of Adele not sleeping very well and us waking up this morning to the lovely sounds of Sebastian hacking something up, I thought ‘Enough.  We’re going to the doctor.’

You see, I avoid going myself and taking my children as well.  I think I’m afraid of being one of those parents.  You know, the ones who take their kids to the doctor for every little cough and sniffle.  As a result, there probably have been times I should have taken them and didn’t.  But I sucked it up this time, even though it is not easy to leave the house and coordinate car usage with my husband.

And now we’re medicated up and hopefully everything will go back to being a nuthouse normal.

And hopefully we all can get some sleep.

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