Monday, May 9, 2011

Jake the Pirate wasn't too keen on his nap

It totally changes your outlook when you have the type of morning we just had. 
Most mornings are filled with someone crying – at least one of the three of us and sometimes all at the same time.  There’s never enough of me to go around.  If I focus completely on one, the other one needs something.  If I’m cleaning up a spill, there’s another one waiting for me when I’m done.  So usually mornings are rushed and so scattered that I can’t catch my breath.
But today everything seemed to work.  Maybe it has something to do with the brightness in our house at the moment.  The curtains are down since we’re painting and all the sunshine is streaming in.  Makes me wish I lived in the country so I never had to have shades or curtains on at all.  All that natural light inside lifts me up and puts me at peace, but also energizes me.  I want to get things done.
I’m sure the weather didn’t hurt either.  When I put Adele down for the nap that she didn’t actually take, Sebastian and I headed outside.  We played Pirate Soccer Ball – which to the best of my knowledge is an episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  Sebastian is Jake (naturally) and I’m Izzy.  And we had to call each other that seeing as how Sebastian (Jake) won’t answer to anything else.  I’m totally okay with this because Jake does things like go to the bathroom when Izzy tells him to or he goes inside when he’s supposed to with little fuss.  Jake also seems interested in napping in his ‘Pirate Bed.’  We’ll see how far this pirate thing goes.
It’s also a testament to my mood that I didn’t stress out and tense up when Adele wouldn’t go to sleep.
And so I feel good, like I’ve got the parenting and house management thing under control, like I’m doing so well that we should add a few more babes to the mix.
Don’t worry – for my own sanity that won’t happen for awhile.
Though, come on – how can you not want a few more of these?

 Or maybe one of these?

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