Friday, May 6, 2011

Craft Friday: For the Granola Hippies

This one isn't so much crafty as necessary.  We cloth diaper and primarily use the bum genius brand with a few other ones thrown in that I'm not nearly as fond of.

The problem with the diapers is that they are velcro and it wears out after all the washing and won't stay latched.  Ours lasted two years using them nights and weekends with Sebastian.  They do make ones that snap, but I prefer the velcro because the fit is better.  The company provides repair kits, though, and since I can sort of sew, I figured I could take care of it myself without asking my mom for help.  So I brought out my sewing machine and got to work (about 6 months after I ordered the kits, but who's counting?)

It wasn't nearly as difficult as I figured it would be and by the last one I had a pretty good system.  Just don't look at the ones I did first.  Actually, don't look at any of them too closely.  All the seams are crooked and the thread kept ripping.  I probably didn't have the right foot on the machine for what I was doing, but I had a short window to finish and didn't want to take the extra time to find the one that would work best.

I'm kind of proud of myself.  I could have just donated them and made them someone else's problem, or made my mom take care of it.  But I did it myself, wonky seams and all.

Now, if I was really crafty I would have just made my own diapers instead of buying them.  But since I barely have time to vacuum my floor, that probably won't happen.  Unless I start drinking espresso.

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