Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm pretty sure I'll never wash the paint out of my hair

Painting at night sucks. You can't see anything.
I think that we’re done with painting.  DONE!  Well, not actually physically done, but mentally, we’re totally there.  We’re both so exhausted and tired of living with our house in disarray.  Yes, it’s only been since Friday, but when you’ve put a couple of kids in the mix with the living and dining rooms turned upside down for painting, the stress is magnified.  And the thing about painting with two small children running around is, you can’t actually paint with two small children running around.  Trust me.  We tried.  It ended with some fits and tears and paint on one little guy’s nice dress shorts.  

It’s just we were so ready to change the paint colors.  Well, Chris will say it was all my doing, but that’s okay.  I’ll own it.  We’ve had the same ugly khaki color since we moved in almost three years ago.  Seeing as how we had Sebastian shortly (very shortly) after, there wasn’t a whole lot of opportunity for home improvement.  And so I’ve waited.  And waited.  And secretly fumed.  I was jealous of people who had the time and freedom to paint whenever they wanted. 

So this weekend was it.  My husband, who is going to school, had a week off before he had to start another class so it was either do it now or wait another few months.  We’re just painting the living room and dining room, which are connected, and will tackle the rest of the house as we can.
Pretty much delirious from lack of sleep.

The whole thing is actually going better than either of us thought.  We’re still sleep deprived and attempting to parent in between coats of paint, but it’s almost done.  There’s some trim and touch ups left to go and then putting everything back in its place.  Living in disarray can make you feel out of sorts and disjointed.  It actually wouldn’t have taken so long except we went to a Derby party on Saturday and had Mother’s Day with mine and Chris’ family on Sunday.

The color is a really pretty light grey and already the place looks brighter and more open.  Of course that may be because we have all the dark curtains down and the sun is streaming in, but still, I feel better.  We’ve got white curtains to replace the dark ones, and new pictures for the walls.  We also need to print some family ones out since we don’t have any of those up.  But it’s finally looking like someone actually lives here.  I just want the place to look finished, polished.  I want to be proud of where I live. 

And if it’s a couple of gallons of paint and a weekend that makes that happen, well, let’s go.

He was a little distressed about the coffee table being gone.  Little guy hates change.


  1. Just wanted you to know ..... I'm loving the blog!! Your cuzn, Glenda.


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