Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Tuesday: In which I discuss magic bubbles, asshole cars, and The Hunger Games

Sebastian wanted a picnic in the living room last week with
strawberries and blueberries. They took turns eating out
of the bowls like dogs.  Cause why not?
1. I got a full night’s sleep last night for the first time in what feels like weeks and I think it’s killing me.

2. Also killing me: the fact that my children probably have strep again. 

3. I don’t know for sure yet.  We’ve got a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, but judging by the raging whining that’s been going on in my house for the last two days, it’s gonna happen.

4. Or is happening.  Or whatever.

5. Magic bubble time, ya’ll.

6. I actually don’t say ‘ya’ll’ that often.  Or I don’t think I do. 

7. Sometimes my country accent takes me by surprise.

8. Something else that takes me by surprise: Mondays.  I never expect them to suck as bad as they do.

9. Yes, I know today is Tuesday.  I’m just feeling residual Monday fatigue.

10. Or maybe it’s the endless bouts of strep fatigue. 

11. I honestly don’t know how this is happening. 

12. Thus, my only option is the magic bubble and complete lockdown.

13. Speaking of lockdown, I’m finally somewhat relevant, what with my reading of The Hunger Games books.

14. Of course, by relevant I mean only a year or so behind as opposed to 5-10 years behind.

15. I like them.  They are easy to read and addictive and there have only been a few poorly written, melodramatic moments that make me cringe. 

16. Which was better than I expected.  So now I have to see the movie.  But since we never go to the movies I have no idea when that will be.

17. I told Chris that for Mother’s Day I wanted to go to the movies and not have him complain when I got popcorn and a drink and candy.

18. Instead I got a broken down car.

19. Water pumps are assholes.

20. Not assholes: the myriad of family and friends who came to our aid when we were stuck at the Dew Drop Inn at 7 at night with two tired and cranky children.

21. That’s a bar.  It was closed.

22. Hopefully Chris will be able to fix the car today.  You know, in between studying and writing a paper and spending time with children and working. 

23. Guys.  He’s pretty overworked.

24. Even if our car is fixed I’m not ready to give back my in-laws car, which we’ve been driving.  It’s bigger than ours and the kids are far enough away in the back seat so that the noise from their general rowdiness is somewhat muted.

25.Wonder if they’d trade?  


  1. Sorry about the car, but yay for reading The Hunger Games and actually enjoying them. I hope you get to see the film soon, and i hope your kids aren't getting too sick. never fun.


    1. Thank you! We're hanging in there - not letting all this stuff weigh us down too much!


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