Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just like riding a bike, the younger generation

Oh you guys.  You guys.

About a week and a half ago on a Sunday Sebastian decided that it was time to take his training wheels off.  I was understandably nervous and hesitant, but Christopher was all for it.

And really, it makes sense to start early instead of waiting until he's 30 years old like someone I know.  He's young enough that he doesn't have the embarrassment when he falls off but old enough to feel a sort of pride in himself for learning something new.

And learn he did.  His feet aren't nearly long enough for him to push off by himself, and he still can't seem to catch himself when he starts to wobble, but he got the balancing down after a day or two and after a week of trying is able to turn without falling.

We still have to run beside him or be ready to catch him if he starts to loose his balance, but it's so incredibly amazing to watch.

I'm so proud.  So very, very proud.

Way to go my sweet boy.  I may have cried a little when you mastered the balancing.  And when you turned by yourself.  And probably again when you can push off and stop by yourself.  It's my right as your mother.

True story, right after this video was taken he had a major crash, his worst yet, where the handlebar dug into his stomach.  But he was still willing to get back on.  We are careful to encourage him and tell him how strong and brave he is for getting back on, even when's hurt himself.

I'm so amazed by him, every day.

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  1. wow. my almost 7 year old STILL will not let me take the training wheels off. when I told him he needed to learn to ride a bike he said he would rather walk. i gave up.


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