Thursday, May 10, 2012

And on a related subject, what am I supposed to do with him all summer?

Today was Sebastian’s last day of preschool before summer.

If you will recall, I was somewhat of a mess when he first started, but it actually ended up being … anticlimactic. 

I mean, the first few times I dropped him off I did feel a little sad and nervous, but I soon got over that when I realized I could do my grocery shopping with only one kid around, which was pretty nice even if that kid decided she had to open and eat everything I put into the cart, including a failed attempt at a bag of frozen broccoli just this morning.

Also it didn’t take long for me to stop dressing up(ish) on drop-off mornings or making sure I was wearing mascara.  Because even if the other mother’s couldn’t see me sitting in my car, I’m pretty sure they had special, intuitive powers that could detect when I had taken more time to fix myself up than usual.


And Sebastian went from this …

To this …

Those pictures break my heart a little.

But Sebastian was able to make friends and have a good time and I was left with no idea how he spent his mornings twice a week.  Yes, I would have loved to have a play-by-play, or even a little camera that I could peak in on from time to time and make sure he was listening when the teacher was talking instead of asking his friends if they like poop.  (Oh, you mean you don’t spend every conversation with your almost-4 year old discussing poop?  How boring.)

But I had to let him go and enjoy his preschool experience, even if that included strawberry milk every time he ate lunch there, which bothered me TO NO END BECAUSE HE LOVES PLAIN WHITE MILK.

And he did enjoy it.  Loved it, in fact.  And he enjoyed his teachers, even if his progress report says he had a bit of trouble paying attention instead of talking.  (Was anybody surprised about that?)

Plus I was rewarded for my many, many, many sacrifices with my very first school-made Mother’s Day present.  


It’s just what I wanted. 


  1. Oh i love it!! And that picture of him from the beginning of preschool to the end really is something. I know how you feel. My baby is growing up too!

    1. Thank you! It's so hard to watch them grow up and be more independent!


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