Friday, April 13, 2012

Homemade Friday: Bunnies that may or may not be possessed

Because it wouldn’t be a major holiday unless I was staying up too late sewing an awkward, misshapen, weird-eyed bunny rabbit.  Or something thereabouts. 

You’re welcome, children.

Yes.  I did.  The night before Easter.

I seem to have a, shall we say, history with doing things like that.

I’d seen this pattern from Growing Home a little bit ago, featured on Design Mom’s blog.  As soon as I saw it, I kind of knew in the back of my mind that I’d be sewing it for the kids for Easter.  But I didn’t let myself think about it, because it, for some reason, seemed a little silly.  I don’t have a lot of free time, and trying to sew with either of the children around would probably result in a stitch sewn through someone’s thumb.  Sebastian has always been good, but Adele is at the stage now where she wants to be a part of what everyone is doing. 

If I’m stirring something on the counter by myself she’s fine.  But if Sebastian pulls his chair over to help, she’s climbing up on it, too, which usually ends in Sebastian yelling at her, and me yelling at both of them to get out of the kitchen.  Now that I think about it, I kind of feel bad for little Babash.  He used to be able to help me so much, and he really enjoyed it.


Anyway, I kept the idea of the bunnies there in my mind, behind all the other things I needed to think about, not the least of which was hot gluing Adele’s Easter basket I made her last year back together because one of the children got a little too rambunctious when playing with it.

But on Easter Eve I knew I was going to make the bunnies.  It’s just that the pattern looked so easy and fast!  And it was.

Notice the HAND SEWING that was required.

When Adele was napping and I bribed a ridiculously tired Sebastian to try to nap by saying that maybe if he tried to sleep, the Easter Bunny would leave him something a little early.  He didn’t actually sleep, but at least he was up there away from me for awhile.  This gave me a little time to rummage through my fabric and buttons to find what I needed, cut out the bunny pattern and even start sewing a little bit.

I finished it later that night, after everyone had gone to bed.  I said I stayed up late because I took a break from sewing to eat a quiet dinner with Chris and watch TV, but really this pattern could have been finished in no time, a couple of hours maybe.  Or maybe a little longer if you take the time to wash and iron the fabric you use ahead of time.  I didn’t as I was on a deadline that I created for myself by not starting the damn things when I first thought about it.

Adele’s has the white ears and Sebastian’s has the brown.  They seem to like them, even though the button eyes seem to be pleading for someone to help them escape some tortuous experience.  Maybe if I make them again I’ll use black eyes, but that was all I had.  And I want you to note that I sewed those buttons on myself, even though that’s usually a task I outsource to my mother.

Sebastian is convinced his is the Easter Bunny.

The best I could get of the kids on Easter morning. 
Sebastian refused to dress up.  But he loved his new
measuring tape that lasted a whole day before he pulled
the tape completely out.
Has nothing to do with the post, but she's kind of cute.
(Sebastian just came in and saw these pictures and wanted to know 'who that man is who's making the Easter Bunny.'  Way to go, Mommy.  Both for almost ruining the Easter Bunny and for having man hands.)


  1. I loved this post. Thanks for making me laugh "who is that man making the Easter bunny?" hysterical!


      (And thanks!)

  2. those bunnies scare me... but they are also adorable. I'm extremely conflicted.

    1. In the first picture they kind of look like they're about to waddle over and steal your soul.


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