Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best Job in the World

Today I've been making an effort to get things done, more so than usual, but every time I do that it makes things around the house a little more stressful because the kids seem to want more of my attention than normal, if that's even possible, and all I wanted to do was sit down with Jenny Lawson's book, which is awesome and funny and heartbreaking and thankfully has short chapters because I can read a quick one while the kids are beating each other with plastic swords, but then they come up and want to beat me with them, which is fine but I've got a whole sink full of dishes that aren't going to wash themselves, or they would if we would buy that dishwasher that we've been talking about for months but just haven't bought yet but you'll be happy to know that we've gone to the store to look at them multiple times and discussed the possibility of taking measurements in order to see if the one we like will fit in our kitchen, and so I have to put the kids off again, even though they caught me reading instead of being productive and while I put them off with the excuse that I had to clean because there is still folded laundry all over the house, or at least it was folded laundry until I walked away from it to get somebody some milk and then it became unfolded, strewn about the house laundry, their little accusing eyes aren't buying it and they proceed WHINE THE GUILT INTO MY SOUL. 

And then I saw this video.

And then I cried.

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