Friday, April 6, 2012

Homemade Friday: The best granola bars in the entire world

I think this recipe might be single-handedly responsible for the five pounds I am sure I’ve gained recently, but I don’t know for sure because I refuse to weigh myself because there are some things I just doing really want to know.

It’s either these or the beer I drank all week to distract myself from the fact that Christopher was out of town again.  Also I considered it a reward since no one got the flu like last time

I’ve made a batch of these granola bars three times in as many weeks and they have not lost their appeal with repetition.  I’ve used smitten kitchen’s recipes lots, especially recently when I seem to be on a mission to make normally store-bought things at home, and I’ve never been let down. (Going through my archives, I realized that I haven't shown you the homemade goldfish I made, or the oreos.  Woops!)

Helpers! See the stripes?  That's Adele trying to stand on the
chair with Sebastian.  It didn't end well.
For this one, I was looking for something to make for a new mom who already had two daughters before her new little boy arrived.  I figured she’d need something quick and satisfying and nutritious and easy, since more than likely she’d only have half a hand to grab a bite to eat.  Plus I’d been wanting to find a good granola bar recipe anyway.  I think they are a nice thing to have around for an easy snack, be it late night waiting for your husband to get home from his business trip already, or midday when you need a pick-me-up because it’s been nonstop children for years it seems like and all you want to do is have a quick lie down but there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen for HOURS yet.  I’ve also used them for breakfast with fantastic results.  (Those results being I thoroughly enjoyed eating it and it lasted longer than a piece of toast or a cup of coffee.)  (Yes, I do have plans to give them to the children.  When I can stop eating them myself.)

So I was excited when I found this recipe online.  It sounded easy and delicious.  And it was.

I baked these first in an 8x8 pan, but the center wouldn’t set before the edges darkened too much for my taste, which may be the fault of my oven.  I had better results using a 9x13 pan.  She offers suggestions on her website on how to avoid the crumbling when you cut the bars, which I kind of wish I’d read beforehand.  I believe I’ve mentioned that I have a hard time reading an entire recipe.  I don’t know what my problem is either. 

For my bars I used walnuts, pecans, raisins, dried blueberries, cranberries and cherries, and dark chocolate chips.  I didn’t have any coconut, but I think that would be delicious.  I also made them one time using the 2 tablespoons of corn syrup, but that was all I had so the other two times I made it I just used all honey.  I didn’t notice a difference.

Highly recommended recipe.  You should make them.

(Would it be easier if I posted the recipe here instead of just linking to it?  I never know if I should do that as it’s not technically my recipe.  But maybe since I link to it it wouldn’t be a problem?  Anybody know?)


  1. ha, I made granola bars last friday when you mentioned that someone had made you some after you had adele.

    1. Actually, I just WISHED someone would make them for me. No one made me any food after I had her! I was a little depressed about it!

      You should try this recipe!

  2. I like your Homemade Friday tutorial!

    Here is our "moment" ... She adores her papa and her Peter Rabbit book!

    1. Thank you! And your photo is so adorable! A sweet moment!


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