Friday, April 27, 2012

Homemade Friday: BLAH.

Excuse me, I'm too busy being irritated by the fact that my children have strep AGAIN to think about writing silly words about something I've made.

Or, alternate opening sentence:  I've caught the knitting ADD and can't seem to focus on one project for very long, nor see one to completion.  I've currently got six?  Or maybe 7? knitting projects going, not to mention all the food/baking I could be showing you.

But no, I'll save that for another day.  Because now I have another knitting deadline I've created for myself because there is a new baby around, and then there's that other baby who I haven't made something for yet, and Chris finally picked out a sweater that he would let me make for him and even the yarn, so I need to get that going before he changes his mind and also, they have a pattern for the exact sweater in a smaller size so now I have plans to make one for Sebastian, too, and maybe even Adele if it's not overkill, plus I bought all that yarn for that cardigan for me and that other yarn for that shawl for my aunt so really I'll probably not be able to knit anything that isn't on an arbitrary list for years, but we all know that's not going to happen because I am a fickle, fickle knitter.

It's a problem I'm okay with having.


  1. Oh my gosh. you are totally not ever going to be my friend any more when I tell you this. oh man. I am tempted NOT to tell you this. I feel sooooooo bad. However, you can see the comedy in it, right? Well you see. I took Anna to the doctor yesterday. Remember how she wasn't feeling well and I asked you for the doctor's number. Well, turns out she had strep. So, my child totally gave your children strep and for that I am sooooooo incredibly sorry. I really had NO CLUE she was THAT sick. i really thought she was just acting up. And so I suck at being a friend because I invite you out and give your kids strep. Want to come over and watch Max and Ruby? That's what we did all day. And sucked on popsicles!

    1. Ha! There's no guarantee that my kids got it from your kid because they've been acting out of sorts for a week! I think it's just going around AGAIN! So no, even if little Anna was the culprit, which I'm pretty sure she wasn't, these things happen and my kids have probably scores of other kids at one time or another, so no harm! (Other than to my sleep, of course!)


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