Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Monday: In which I discuss Twilight, Thai tea and TURQUO-TEAL

1. I am babysitting today so don’t have too much time.

2. I’m able to sit here now because currently there is a mad dance party going on in my back room.

3. I never thought I’d be grateful for Kidz Bop. Even Adele is running in circles and clapping.

4. My head is a little fuzzy, partially because of allergies and weird, change-in-weather funk.

5. The other part is because of all that wine I drank last night.

6. I bought a big bottle for me and a friend on Saturday, and I had to finish it before Monday.

7. That makes sense, right?  In my mind it totally does.

8. My friend and I started the evening at a Thai restaurant, which was good.

9. But what we really loved was the Thai iced tea.

10. Delicious.  Utterly delicious. 

11. That may be because of all the half and half and sugar in it.

12. I had two iced coffees myself, though, because I hadn’t slept the night before and needed something to wake me up.

13. I think that worked.

14. It was either that or the ridiculously fun company.

15. I hadn’t been out like that in awhile.

16. I mean, I’ve been out, but I haven’t been able to act like a complete, goofy idiot and have someone else act the same.

17. We laughed a lot.

18. We were so high on fun that we decided to try on fluorescent skinny jeans at Target.

19. Well, I did fluorescent, she tried on leopard print.

20. I refused to come out of the dressing room.

21. She made leopard skinny jeans look amazing.

22. We also coined a new word: turquo-teal.  It must be said in a high-pitched, squeaky voice.  Also – emphatically. 

23. As in:  Those pants are TURQUO-TEAL!

24. We also, as you could imagine, embarrassed ourselves with every server/cashier we encountered.

25. Especially when I was carded at Walgreens for buying wine, and Laura told the height-challenged 20-something cashier that my ID was fake.

26. I said “Yep!  I’m really 19.  Twilight, what!  Team Edward!’

27. Maybe you had to be there, but it was one of the funniest things in the history of ever.

28. The cashier was amused.

29. Or maybe he was laughing at us.

30. Either way. 

31. My husband said he thanked my friend when she left for bring out the old Jaime.

32. I said that if he wouldn’t roll his eyes so much at me when I sing ‘Grease’ songs in a store really loud and dance along, maybe I’d be like that more often.

33. He just doesn’t understand my need to dance.

34. I haven’t had that much fun in years, I think.

35. I needed it.

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