Friday, April 22, 2011

Craft Friday*

Well I tried. 

Sebastian's basket
For as long as I can remember I've felt the need to make stuff. It started with crayons and scissors and glue and has encompassed photography, painting, sketching, weaving and now knitting takes up most of my time, with a little sewing and beadwork thrown in.
It seems to be a family thing. Both of my parents are or have been involved in artsy/crafty things. So it makes complete sense that I'd follow so closely on that path.

So, now, Easter baskets.

Most children have baskets bought from the store lovingly (and smartly) by a sane parent.

But not my kids. Their mom is full of the crazy and so decided to make their baskets herself. I blame my own mother, from whom I inherited the crazy. She made mine and my sister's baskets, and I wanted Sebastian and Adele to have one that would be their's for their life, that they'd possibly pass down to their children.

Lofty ambitions much?

I'm pretty sure these baskets won't last that long.

You see, I'm not necessarily all about the details. I'm about results.  That means if a stitch is crooked or a seam is wonky, I usually just ignore it.  My mother is embarrassed for me.

So with that in mind, you can probably guess where this is going - to the land of misshapen Easter baskets.
When I first made Sebastian's a couple of years ago I tried really, really hard to make every row of the basket line up properly.

At least Adele seems thrilled.

It didn't work.  And after finishing and holding the basket up, each layer of rope was separated from the ones around it, making it not so much a basket as a mutant accordian.  I called my mom to complain and ask what I was doing wrong.  Apparently you're supposed to sew each layer together.  I was working on it at the last minute and my sewing skills aren't exactly the best, so I got out my hot glue gun.  Yes, this basket is held together with hot glue.  I guess there are worse things.  And Sebastian seems to enjoy it and it holds eggs, so I guess it serves it's purpose. 

For Adele's, I worked on it for two naptimes and one evening after the kids went to bed.  With pretty much the same results.  The glue worked so well the first time, so why mess with it, right?

*Since I've got so many projects going on at once, I thought I'd dedicate a day to show you what I've been up to.

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