Saturday, April 23, 2011


I was ready for it.  And then I wasn’t.  And then I was, but he wasn’t.  And then, well, I thought what the hell.  It’s time for Sebastian to get out of that crib and into his BIG BOY BED!  (It must always be said in ALL CAPS and with an exclamation point!)
I didn’t really think it would be that emotional for me.  I was more focused on the fact that I wouldn’t have anything forcing Sebastian to stay in bed besides the fear I instill in him on a daily basis. (I don’t actually instill fear in him on a daily basis.  Most of our days are spent with me chasing after him trying to wrangle him into pants.)
So, much like this whole ‘having two children’ thing, I didn’t think it through.  (I kid.  I love my children.  They just drive me nuts.)
For a few weeks now I’ve been bring up the subject with my husband. 
When are we going to set up the big bed for Sebastian?  Should we do the toddler bed first or just go straight to the twin?
How are we going to set up the room?  Where will we even put the bed?
When do you think you can put it together?
We’ve got to get some blankets and sheets for the bed.  But I don’t want anything cartoony.
When do you think you can put it together?
Chris doesn’t seem to understand all the thought processes that slosh about in my head.  I think he got the bed put together just to make me stop talking about it.
So last night was it.  But as soon as we started setting everything up my stomach clenched up and I started fighting back tears.   It’s just the kid already breaks my heart every day with what he knows, what he says, how big and helpful he is becoming.   I just don’t want it all to go away so fast.  I look at Adele and can’t believe that Sebastian was ever that little.
Chris suggested putting wall decals all around the bed to make it more exciting and ramping up on the BIG BOY BED! exuberance just to help him with the adjustment.
We may have gone a bit overboard because Sebastian was ready to go to bed at 6:30.
That’s my BIG BOY BED!?
That’s right.
That’s Baby Dele’s bed, right Mommy?  
Right Sebastian.  She sleeps in a crib.  Now you’ve got your BIG BOY BED!
Right.  Time for night-night.
Not quite yet, baby.

And when it was time for him to go to bed, we lay down and read stories and then I turned off the light and said goodnight.
We peeked in on him before we went to bed and he was all scrunched up next to the wall sound asleep.
 And, the part I was most worried about, naptime, is happening right now.  He’s actually sleeping, which rarely happens anymore.  Usually he just talks to himself and kicks the bars of his crib until I think he’s been up there long enough and take him out.
I’m not saying it will always be this easy (more often than not it will NEVER be this easy.)
But at least for today it was.  And that makes me feel like it was time.
 *Please forgive the blurry, awful photos.  It was cloudy and dark and Sebastian wouldn't hold still.

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