Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting out

My husband and I have always been outside people.  We hike and camp and fish and just generally feel better as soon as we breathe in that fresh air.  Some of our best dates have been spent knee deep in a creek fishing for trout. 
But since we’ve had children we haven’t had as much time as we’d like doing the things we love.  Or maybe we just haven’t made it a point to take the time.  We both miss it and crave it.  And I think the kids do, too.  They both seem in better moods once they’re outside.  If they’re crying and we can’t get them calmed down, usually sitting outside on the porch swing is an instant soother.
So when my husband last night said he was taking Sebastian hiking for a little bit, I jumped up and said “I want to go, too!”
The problem with this is that it was just after 5:30 and I knew that Adele probably would start getting fussy at 6, but I thought maybe we could hold off if we were home by 7.  So we spent a little time gathering up supplies and getting jackets and a hat for the baby.  By the time we were ready, it was just about 6.
It seemed to take forever to get out there, especially since the baby started fussing.  I began regretting my decision, picturing Adele screaming the whole time we were out.  My husband said I was nuts. 
So we got there, and after speaking to a man hunting mushrooms and showing Sebastian some tadpoles in a big puddle, we were off.
Sebastian was so excited for his first hiking trip.  Those of you who know him know his penchant for talking.  Nonstop.  The kid never closes his mouth, I think, unless he’s around someone new.  So he was our narrator.  With him we were able to see dinosaurs and trolls under the bridges and monsters and all of the things he expected to live in the forest.  He’s getting to that age where his imagination is huge.  He sees bears in clouds and elephants in the trees.  It’s an amazing thing to watch. 
And Adele, close to me in our Moby wrap, was content just to look around at all the things that make us all breathe a little easier, feel a little more light-hearted.
I’m so happy I went.

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