Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Monday*

1. It totally feels like a Monday and it's only 9:30 in the morning.
2. Sebastian had a pee-soaked bed for the second morning in a row, despite the pull-ups he wears to bed.
3. Naturally, I didn't get the only mattress pad we own washed and dried in time for him to use it last night, so the bed had a big pee stain on it.
4. Had to look up how to clean the bed, and now I'm really, really hoping it's dry by naptime.
5. It involved, vinegar, dish soap, baking soda and a shop vac.  His room smells awesome.
6. On a positive note, I got Adele down for a nap without Sebastian running through the house yelling that his show that I use to keep him quiet is over and waking the baby up.
7. That happens more than I'd like to say.
8. I really should learn to put on longer shows for him when I have to nurse the baby upstairs.  She distracts easily.
9. I also didn't come downstairs to a de-pantsed little boy telling me "I pooped Mommy!" while sitting on the furniture.
10. He can't wipe his butt yet.
11. I'll leave you to think about that.
12. ...
13. Right. So I was happy that didn't happen.  Again.
14. Mine and my husband's five-year wedding anniversary is this Friday.
15. Since a Vacation vacation isn't in the budget, we're driving to Cincinnati to go to Ikea, Jungle Jims, and wherever else I can make him go, then staying overnight at a hotel.
16. The only times I've been to Ikea I've been pregnant or in a foreign country.
18. Can you tell I really need to get out of the house?
19. Chris and I actually have been together since high school, 12 years.
20. Sebastian just came in the room to ask if he could watch one more "Martha Speaks."
21. I acted a little hesitant, like I don't really know if I'm going to let him, but really I'm thrilled because that gives me a few more minutes to write.
22. Does that make me a bad mother?
23. Does this photo?

 24. I can't wait until Friday.
25. Not sure if I have a 25th thing, but I can't end on 24.  So here's a dark, blurry picture of a sleeping baby to make up for it.

*Because Monday's are hard enough already.

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