Thursday, April 28, 2011

But I still can't wait for that week somewhere beachy

I am in desperate need of a vacation.
The never-ending days of fetching milk, wiping bottoms, picking up the wooden train tracks for the fifth time, stepping on that toy tractor again, trying to change the clothes of a 7 month old who is so excited all the time she can’t help but flail about, trying to aim the spoon in a mouth that either refuses to open or bites down so hard on the spoon I risk injury if I pull it out, cleaning out cloth diapers, and  listening to my children take no-naps kind of wears you down.
I’m so worn down.
And yet I’m so lucky.  I know I’m lucky for being able to spend all my time with my kids.
And yet again, I am in desperate need of a vacation. 
My husband and I didn’t get an actual honeymoon.  At the time we got married he was working at a remote fish hatchery in Alaska.  He flew in for the wedding, almost not making it because of bad weather and the fact that he had to leave the hatchery by float plane.  He stayed for a few days after the wedding and then flew back.
It sucked.  No, it suuuucccckkked. 
So we didn’t get what a lot of other people get. 
For our first anniversary we went back packing for a few days.  It was my first (and only, actually) time going and it was an awesome experience.  Then a few months later I was pregnant.  So the next year we just went out to dinner.  And then we had the baby, and then I was pregnant again, and now we’ve got two kids.
With small children it’s hard to know when we’ll actually be able to stay away from them for an extended amount of time – like a week.  As much as I want to spend a week somewhere sunny, beachy and full of good wine, I don’t think I’m ready to be away from the kids that long. 
So because of that and because of budgeting issues, we’re spending this year’s anniversary in Cincinnati.  We’ll go to some stores, go out to dinner, and stay the night in a place where I will not be interrupted at 2:30 in the morning, and then again at 6:30.  It’s far enough away to feel like a vacation, but close enough that we’ll only be gone one night.  The kids will be with grandparents so there’s no need to worry much about them.  And Chris and I can relax.  We can spend at least one day and night being who we were before we had kids. 
A little silly, a little loose, a little relaxed.
And hopefully we’ll drink a lot of good wine.

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