Monday, November 28, 2011

Random Monday: Succotash is awesome. I don't know what they were complaining about.

1. I don’t think I’ve actually been hungry for the past five days. 

2. I’ve just eaten because it’s, you know, time to eat.

3. And there’s been lots and lots of food and sweets around.

4. This does not bode well for the holiday season.

5. Anyway, I think I might be over pie.  At least for now.

6. I decided that my children aren’t getting enough vegetables so I thought I’d start cooking more for them for lunch.

7. Most of the time they seem to only eat peanut butter and jelly (Sebastian) or cheese and grapes and ham and bread (Adele).

8. And what little the older one eats at dinner I’m not sure equals an entire serving of anything.

9. So I cooked for lunch.

10. That’s the last time I make homemade succotash for those ungrateful children.

11. They both succeeded in spitting and throwing the food on the floor.

12. I was 99.98 percent sure Sebastian wouldn’t eat it, but Adele has gobbled up lima beans in the past.

13. She was not impressed.

14. That may be because she’s got another ear infection.

15. I think.

16. She’s super whiny, waking up early, not eating as much as she used to, and not letting me near one of her ears.

17. I’m pretty sure it’s my fault for bragging on the fact that she hardly ever is sick.

18. Probably should have crossed myself and carried around an evil eye key chain.

19. And maybe put drops of holy water in her ears.

20. In other news, Sebastian is on a kissing kick.

21. No really, he kisses me all day long.  My knee, my shoulder, my eye, my ear.

22. It’d be kind of sweet if it wasn’t so annoying.

23. It’s like, I appreciate that you want to kiss my hair but can you just hold still a minute while I wipe your butt?

24. Chris starts his new job today.  It’s been a long time coming and greatly needed.

25. And most definitely deserved.

Kiddos playing in a bouncy house at a
birthday party.  They both had a blast.

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