Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm kind of not smart sometimes

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Chris' family on Sunday.  His mom is nice enough to give our stomachs a break and have the holiday on a day other than the actual Thanksgiving holiday since we all have other places we're expected to show up at, too.  Plus it gives us plenty of time to visit without having to rush off somewhere else.

My job was to make pie and rolls.  I took that to mean I need to bake every single pie in the history of pies ever in the world.  And rolls.

Now to be fair to myself I did ask what particular pie was needed or requested but never got an answer so I decided to make pumpkin, pecan and apple.

Three different types of pies for eight people, including two small children.  And I decided to do this after I was told that since it was my brother-in-law Ian's birthday my mother-in-law would be making his favorite cake for him.

And then my future sister-in-law Ashley brought a super-delicious twinkie cake she'd made for a party they'd had for Ian.

If you're following along that now brings the total to three pies and two cakes for eight people, including two small children.

We didn't even cut into the pecan.

I was stuffed (like a Thanksgiving turkey!) before we even brought out coffee and dessert because everything was so, so delicious.  But I still managed to try most of everything.

I may never eat again.

That's a lie.  In fact, it's probably about time to try the pecan.  Or maybe another piece of apple.  It was pretty good.

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