Friday, November 11, 2011

Homemade Friday: Rosemary’s Shawl

My friend Rosemary is undoubtedly one of the most genuine people I know, and that’s saying something because I know a lot of really fantastic people.


She will do anything for you and always, always makes your day brighter just by being in her presence.  She just seems so incredibly peaceful and nice. 

Now, unfortunately I haven’t seen Rosemary in years.  Years.  And that makes me sad.  But I feel like, even though we may not visit more than once every five years or so, I still will always love her and gravitate toward this amazing, sweet person. 

Blocking ...
Rosemary got married recently and Chris and I weren’t able to make it to the ‘hitchin’ party’ as they called it.  But I’d started a shawl for her because I knew it was something she would appreciate, and I wanted a way to tell her how much I appreciate her.

I created the pattern for the shawl myself, using a lace chart I’d found that went to a sweater pattern.  I mailed it a month and a half late because getting to the post office is a difficult task these days.  But I don’t think she minded.  I received a lovely thank you note from her saying that the shawl was like a hug in the mail.  And that is the ultimate compliment.  Especially since I miss her hugs so much.

Blocking ...

I do not have a good picture of the whole shawl because I forgot to take one before I mailed it.  Woops.


  1. love your blocking board! were did ya get it? ya know, I have NEVER blocked anything. I know. I am awful.

  2. @JessicaJessica - I got it online from knitpicks. That's where I buy most of my yarn and knitting supplies. They're very reasonably priced and ship fast.
    I didn't used to block things until I started knitting lace. Then you have to because it just doesn't look finished if you don't! And I've found it really does help sweaters lay better, too!
    And if we're confessing, I don't ever knit swatches. It just takes too long!


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