Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It’s almost embarrassing how popular I am

Well, as you know I am one of the most well-known and lovable bloggers around.*  And as such, I have a fan base that likes to send me presents.  Because I’m awesome.

(Or maybe it’s because my dad’s cousin saw something and thought my kids would enjoy it.  Either way.)

I did not realize how blurry this photo was until I saw it
on my computer screen.
I’m not exactly sure how ‘cousin-ish’ we are, because even though I’ve been told exactly how we’re related, I have a hard time remembering things of that nature and also I am a horrible person.  So she’s Glenda, my cousin, probably removed once or twice.

She reads my blog and is always nice about telling me she enjoys it.  And really, it takes a tolerant person to not only read my complaining and nonsense and also tell me that they like to read it.  But I’m totally fine with people lying to me to make me feel better about myself.

So Glenda the Good Witch (I’m positive she’s never heard that one, right?) mailed me, or rather my children, these little singing stuffed animals in the hopes that they would magically cast a spell (or ‘spell you’ as Sebastian says) and make them into ‘Happy Nappers.’ 

You’ll understand when you watch this video.  But don’t watch if you don’t want this song to remain on repeat in your brain for your entire life and probably half of the afterlife, too.  Or if you have no soul, cause dancing babies makes even cuddly baby hedgehogs look like Satan.

Ironically these came in the mail after Sebastian had taken his first nap in at least a month, probably longer.  I will say that Adele takes a nap every day and has grown into a really good sleeper.  She even sleeps through the night.  (KNOCKING ON WOOD SO HARD MY KNUCKLES ARE BLEEDING!)  But it’s probably because the kids already knew these were coming and have been acting accordingly.

So thank you Glenda.  Very, very much appreciated!

(It really made my day.)



  1. OH NO.....I had just got that little song outta my head,LOL. So glad they liked them,and thanks for sharing the video.

    Glenda, your 2nd cousin

  2. @Anonymous It certainly sticks with you! And thank you again, Second Cousin!


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