Friday, November 18, 2011

Homemade Friday: Pinwheel Sweater

The pinwheel sweater is something I’ve had in mind to knit for years.  It just looks so sweet and simple, and it was. 

Please ignore the snotty nose.
I love all the colors that are shown in the pattern, but I’m attempting to use up as much yarn as I can before I buy more, and this black/brown wool was something I already had so that’s what the sweater became.  And actually, I’m happy with the way it is.  I know babies shouldn’t really be described as ‘sophisticated,’ and really, that’s not the right word I’m looking for.  Maybe put together?  

Anyway, it’s nice.  It’s something to keep her on the cold days to come, and the cold days like today that I was entirely unprepared for.  Though the kids are all still in their pajamas because I couldn’t sleep last night and so have zero energy to get them dressed, much less accessorize.

The pattern starts with just a few stitches and it increases every other round, then the sleeves stitches are put on holders and picked up to finish later.  I did have some trouble with the instructions when it came time to the sleeves because I am literal and need things explained in full detail, preferably with video of the different steps.  But that didn’t last too long.  And I didn’t do the fancy edging that the pattern called for, mostly because it looked too fussy and I didn’t want to mess with it.

There’s no button so I found an old black metal hair clip that I use to keep it closed.  Otherwise it just falls off her shoulders.

I think it’s sweet, and I’ll probably make another one as she grows older.  You know, until her mother knitting her sweaters becomes the most uncool thing ever.  Like in a year or two.

(Also – it would help if I wrote these out when I finish the sweaters, not a month later when I have to struggle to remember the details.)


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