Friday, August 5, 2011

Homemade Friday: Knitty's Amiga - Finished!

I finally finished something.

If you will remember, I was working on an early fall/spring sweater for cool nights or mornings.  The Amiga pattern from Knitty was supposed to be easy, practical sweater, and probably would have worked out for someone other than me.  Because sweater knitting just doesn't seem to be my thing.

Notice how I made sure to fix my hair for you.

*11/13/11 Update: When I originally wrote this post, three-quarters of it disappeared and I never went back and fixed it.  People are still looking at it when searching for the Amiga sweater so I thought I'd write a little more of my thoughts and share some more pictures, just as a reference.

The sweater just doesn't fit.  It doesn't lay right and falls off my shoulders whenever I try to wear it, so it's been sitting in my closet unworn since I finished it.

I so want to love this sweater.  The yarn is so nice and soft.  I think part of the problem is that I picked up too many stitches for the neckband and knit too many rows, making it entirely too big overall.  Also, I think I need one more button to make it close where I wanted it to.

All of that is an easy and can be done in a couple of days, but I'm deep into my Christmas knitting, so this will have to wait until later.  Hopefully with a little more work and effort this will be the sweater I wanted it to be.  Until then, here are some embarrassing pictures for your perusing pleasure:

See?  It just looks weird.

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