Friday, August 19, 2011

Homemade Friday: Foil hand prints!

(I have to add the exclamation point to make it seem more exciting than it actually is.)

A couple of months ago while hanging around the kids section at the bookstore so Sebastian could play with the train table I stumbled upon a craft book for kids.  It has instructions for making masks and toilet paper roll flags and some other decoration-type things.

I know I could probably find much better and more visually appealing kid crafts online, but there was something about this book that got me feeling nostalgic.  I had something similar when I was younger and I thought I could have a good time with Sebastian making neat stuff.

Plus it would be awesome to have something else to do besides making Thomas the train take endless trips over the hill on the wooden train set.  (He only goes over the hill so he can fall off of it, you see.)

So I bought the book, impractical though it was.

One of the easiest items to make in there, especially for the little guy, was a set of hand prints made out of foil.  And it is exactly what it sounds like.  He holds his hands on the foil and I trace around it then cut or tear them out.

Basically it's more something for me to do rather than something for him to do.

Because I need more to do.

About a month ago on a particularly random day I brought out the book and the supplies and got to work.

Anyone know how difficult it is to make a 3 year old hold his hands still while you trace around them?  But nevertheless we got the hands traced.  Sebastian, who is normally extremely adept at cutting paper with scissors, was not allowed to cut the foil.  I just didn't think that would be a good idea.  Plus it was really important to me that those hands be as straight as I could make them.  You know, for Sebastian.

At this point he wandered off with his own scissors and a piece of construction paper because I wasn't sharing, I guess.  And I was left to glue everything myself.  I take that back.  He did run the glue stick across one hand, but then lost interest, probably because I wouldn't let him glue the fingers.  I didn't want them to rip off, you see.

(I realize I have issues.)

So the hands were glued and I wrote his name on them and we hung it on his bedroom door.  And in spite of his seeming lack of interest, every time he passes by them he comments on them.

Those are my hand prints, right?


We cut them out, right?

Absolutely.  We did. 

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