Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random, unnecessary Tuesday post

1. I tensed up when I dropped Sebastian off at preschool this morning.  This was only his second day, and the first day I couldn’t walk him in.

2. I do not like not being able to walk him in.  Let’s change the subject.

3. I cleaned my whole house and mended a vintage dress in an hour on Sunday because I thought an old friend was coming.

4. She didn’t make it but Chris said from now on he’s going to randomly invite people over every week so I’ll clean the house.

5. I told him that he is more than welcome to spend all of his free time cleaning and scrubbing.

6. (He actually does his share, it’s just he doesn’t do it the way I like it and so I usually go back over it anyway.)

7. I don’t have a problem.

8. He is not, however, allowed to touch the laundry.  He always puts clothes in the dryer that don’t belong there.

9. He doesn’t seem to understand the problem.

10. I, um, am running out of things to say, which probably means I shouldn’t be posting right now.

11. But I’ve set a self-imposed schedule of posting and if I don’t write something awful things will happen. Like Jersey Shore and that Kardashian show will keep being renewed.

12. Damn.

13. I haven’t actually watched either of those, but the commercials are enough to make me want to bust the knee caps of whoever developed them.

14. I’m really not that violent.

15. On the guide on the TV the Kardashian show comes up as “Keeping Up …” and I get excited every time because I think it’s “Keeping Up Appearances.”

16. I guess they’re kind of the same show if you think about it.

17. Trying to remain popular, trying to remain important, even though you’re a little douchy. 

18. It’s just one a British accent and is awesome.

19. The other has less clothes.  And more plastic surgery.  And makes me embarrassed for them.

20. I seem to have put a lot of thought into things I wish I hadn’t.

21. Maybe I should be embarrassed.

22. Or not.

23. In other news, I bought five dozen eggs at the grocery store this morning.

24. It was cheaper and we seem to be going through a lot of eggs lately.

25. Just fyi.


  1. I don't let my husband touch my laundry either! :)

  2. @PaulaI really can't understand why he won't follow my multiple-step process to getting clean laundry!


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