Thursday, August 18, 2011

But his school uniform IS his Sunday best

I try really hard to be the type of mom who doesn’t put off the important things that affect her children, which goes completely against my nature to leave everything to the last minute.  But I don’t want that for my kids.  I want them to think I have everything under control, even if I completely do not.

Yet there I was, the night before Sebastian needed a family picture for some craft he’s doing in preschool, dressing everybody up and self-timering the heck out of our camera.

Because who just has family pictures lying around?

The last one we took also was the night before Sebastian needed one for daycare and I was 8 months pregnant.  Since I’m stuck with that photo FOREVER I thought I’d update it.  

And since we’re on that subject, (were we?) I’m also stuck with a driver’s license picture of me 8 months pregnant that I put off taking until the absolute last minute, partly because I’d heard that I could keep my previous picture, which was awesome, and partly because, as previously stated, I am queen of procrastination.

But anyway, it was time for a new family photo, especially since Adele was, you know, in utero in the last one.  I thought maybe the world, or at least Sebastian’s school, would like to see her face.

I’d known about the photo since we went to orientation a week and a half ago, but that’s not nearly enough time for me to thoroughly process what needs to happen.  What I mean is that I need time to procrastinate, to put it off just for a little bit, then jump on ahead and do what I need to do.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.  You all are most definitely people who do not put off taking their family photos until the night before they are needed.  Actually you all are probably the type who have a plethora of photos just lying around for you to choose from.

I don’t like you.

(I kid.  I love you!  COME BACK!)

So I put on mascara and a dress and made sure Adele and Sebastian looked presentable, then had Chris set up his ladder to put the camera on.  (Remember the ladder?  I don’t touch it anymore.  Also, I still have a mark on my arm.)

It took a few tries but we got one that I thought was pretty good so we broke up shop.

Until, of course, I looked at it a little closer.

Can you see the problem?

She’s covering up her face, you guys!  I know it’s not that big of a deal and everyone else looks good, but come ON!  

No one had the energy to spend more time on the process so we just went with it.  It’s not like it’s for her school, right?  Plus look how adorable Sebastian is holding both of our hands?  His idea, by the way.

So that’s it.  Imperfect as it is.  

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, today is also picture day.  I thought I did good making sure he wore a shirt that would bring out the blue in his eyes and combing his wild cowlick down.  But when I dropped him off (a couple of minutes late because I had to deal with an unfortunate dirty diaper, OF COURSE) I noticed that all the other kids were super dressed up.  Like little ties and bows and sweater vests.  SWEATER VESTS!  I thought that maybe all the other parents just disregarded the dress code in order to get a better picture of their kids until I came home and noticed a couple of little asterisks on the school calendar.

**No Dress Code, Sunday Best!



  1. sounds like paul's preschool picture. All the kids were super decked out in crazy dressy clothes. Paul has on a tshirt and jeans!! But I LIKE that. just paul in his normal tshirt and jeans, smiling away!

  2. hey, you combed the cowlick. i think that's good enough. the other "sweater vest kids" are probably miserably hot anyway. you are the best mom there is, not making him wear one of those.

  3. @JessicaWell, Sebastian normally doesn't wear a shirt at all so I couldn't really let him go like that, even though it would be the most natural!

  4. @Jo Ellen I was thinking that about the sweater vest! This was the first day I put Sebastian in shorts instead of long pants because it was going to be warmer - and here's this kid in a vest, tie and long pants!


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