Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I may be a touch insane

I thought about typing a post on how I didn’t have time to write a post.  But then I thought that was pretty lame.  And then I thought, well, you’re kind of lame, Jaime.  Just go with it.

And so here I am.

Note: I really don’t have time to be doing this.  In addition to the myriad issues, responsibilities and time spent telling someone that no, you can’t stand on the end table and jump off holding onto the jump rope you’ve somehow wrapped around the doorknob so many times that it’s holding fast, I’ve also added my own impossible deadline.

I’m trying to knit a baby sweater in four days. 

Now, depending on the gauge of the yarn and the size of the needles, this is a totally doable project.  If I didn’t have children.  Or dinner to cook.  Or groceries to buy.  Or stuff to clean. 

(I’m actually thinking of shipping every member of my household to Alaska for a couple of days just so I can finish.  Chris already has convinced Sebastian that they need to go fishing up there.  I’m sure if he just slaps a lifejacket on Adele she’ll be fine.)

So there it is.  Since both children are in bed for a little bit I’m going to knit.  And later, when they’re back in bed for the night (otherwise known as the best part of the day), I will knit some more. 

I have exactly no chance of finishing.  But it’s still fun to try.


  1. @Jacob Bennett That is ABSOLUTELY what she said. Though I'm guessing it wasn't about knitting.


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