Monday, August 29, 2011

I didn’t play badminton myself as I was wearing a dress and didn’t want my generic Spanx to show

I went out again this weekend.  

Out as in I left the house without the children. 

It wasn’t exactly planned. Chris has been working 11 hour days for the past few weeks and pretty much stays exhausted.  It probably doesn’t help that I keep him up late because after he’s done with his homework for the night is the only time we have during the day to talk and just hang out.  

We’d been invited to get-together-slash-badminton tournament at a friend’s house in Louisville.  We planned to go and just bring the kids along since I knew there would be at least a couple more there.  Chris thought everything would be fine, but I told him that he would probably have a blast but I was pretty sure I’d spend most of my time alternating between keeping the baby from eating dirt and grass and crawling into the road and asking the 3 year old if he had to pee.  (Funny, off-subject fact – Sebastian’s school is teaching him to say he needs to go to the ‘restroom.’  He corrects me now and every time I feel like just a bit of my properness dissipates. Also, I’m worried they think we’re gross because we don’t say ‘restroom.’)

So Saturday morning after another night of not enough sleep, Chris makes the ‘executive decision’ to see if his parents would watch the kids so we could have a night off.  Luckily they agreed.  If they hadn’t Chris was threatening to pull out the big guns – as in Sebastian – and have him call and ask.

On our way to the party I slid back into ‘old Jaime’ as Chris calls it.  Meaning I was able to loosen up a little bit and return to who I was before I became a mom.  It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s glorious.  I think.  Or at least a little goofy.

I did, however, have to worry about there being a couple of people my mom works with there, so I wasn’t able to be too much of an ass.  Nothing like worrying about someone telling your mom on you to make you put down the bong, you know?  

And so I drank too much beer and played some really, really, ridiculously bad cornhole, watched my husband and his brother unfortunately be beaten in the first round of the ‘Highland Invitational’ badminton tournament, ate some awesome brisket, laughed a whole hell of a lot, talked even more, and stayed up way too late again.  

But the difference was I also got to sleep until 9.  And it was glorious.

Not from this weekend.  But it accurately
displays what happens when I go out
without the children.

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