Friday, June 10, 2011

Craft Friday: Knitty’s Amiga

Oh look!  A half-finished project!  That’s about as good as I can get these days.  I started this sweater on our long drive to Cincinnati for our anniversary.  I was sure I’d get so much done that I’d be close to finishing by the time we got back.

Obviously that didn’t happen.  I’ve been working on it since then and still am not quite there.  But really it shouldn’t actually take that long if I’d just buckle down.

Relaxing and ‘netting’ seems to take priority, though.

But that’s okay.  There’s no deadline other than arbitrary ones I make up in my head, and I’m learning to be okay with letting go of them.

Sort of.

(It really bothers me that this isn’t done yet.)

It’s the Amiga pattern from Knitty, knit with the suggested yarn, which I never do because usually the suggested yarn is ridiculously overpriced.  But I splurged on this because I liked the pattern so well and I’m glad I did.  It is super-soft, thick and thin, and so light, perfect for late spring nights.  (or normal late spring nights.  I’m not sure it’d work too well in the oven we’ve got going on now).

It’s an easy sweater and really my kind of knitting (mindless).  So I’ve got no reason for not having more done on it.  I’m gonna go ahead and blame my children, though.  I’m pretty sure it’s their fault.

The problem with trying to take a picture of yourself wearing a half-finished knitting project (other than the fact that you’re taking a picture of yourself wearing a half-finished knitting project) is that’s it’s hard to find a good angle to take a decent picture.  Granted I’m just using my ipod to take the pictures so it’s probably not going to be museum quality anyway, but still.

The only place with lots of mirrors is the bathroom, which doesn’t have much light and what light it does have looks super green/yellow.

But I tried.

And the fact that I’m trying to do it alone means you get pictures like this one:

Or this one:

And then there’s this one:

Way to clean up your background, Bourke-White.
Okay, then I thought I’d try going outside to get some natural light, while making sure neighbors didn’t see what I was doing.  Because of the lunatic nature of it all.

I’ve got mad skillz with the camera:


A brush would have been helpful at this point.

Okay.  I think I give up.  Whenever it’s finished I’ll try to make Chris take a better picture.

For now this is what you get.  

 Your welcome.

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