Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Monday the Second

1. I'm typing this with a child strapped to my chest.
2. She's not particularly fussy but I thought this might be easier.
3. I was wrong.  She's pinching my face and grabbing for everything within reach.
4. I've started planning my 30th birthday party for July.
5. I'm not that great at planning parties.  I'll probably use Google a lot.
6. Is that too early to start planning?  I've also got a 3-year-old's birthday party to plan.
7. Since I'm getting so old I need to allow myself plenty of time to plan these things.  It takes me a lot longer on account of my broken hip and hands that are perpetually covered in denture cream.
8. Okay, had to put the baby down.  She's now playing with a plastic bag.
9. Motherhood at it's best.
10. At least she's quiet.
11. I think Sebastian's party will be a fireman theme since he is obsessed with Fireman Sam, and refuses to answer to anything but Fireman Sam.
12. It's cute, except I forget and am corrected constantly.
13.  It's just, I love his name.  I don't want to call him Fireman Sam.
14. The theme of my party will be wine.  And beer.  And maybe sangria.
15. Do we need anything else?  Maybe some cheese.
16. Everything is better with cheese.  Especially feta.
17. It was pretty awful when I was pregnant and couldn't eat it.
18. (Though with the second pregnancy I did it it sometimes.)
19. They're right.  You're a lot more laid back with the second child.
20. For example: now I let my baby play with plastic bags.
21. It's just, she has such a good time with them.
22. I'm thinking about making homemade teether biscuits.  Will probably do that this afternoon, provided everyone sleeps the way I want them too.
23. I don't really have much hope of that.
24. What I really want to do during their naptime is take a nap myself since my daughter keeps me up all hours of the night.
25. But then I look around at everything that needs to be done and the nap never really happens.

I don't really let her play with plastic bags.  For that long anyway.


  1. 1. You look skinny in this picture...scrawny, almost.
    2. Make sure Adele didn't get quiet b/c the plastic bag was over her head.
    3.a. Take the nap. Or at least, lay down.
    3.b. You are a person, a wife, and a mom, and that's more important than sweeping the kitchen today (or some other random house work that will always need to be done). And if resting a few minutes will make you better person, wife, mom, then I say do it.

  2. 1. That's because you can't see my ass.
    2. No worries - the bag stayed off of her head.
    3.a. No nap. But I did sit down for 15 minutes.
    3.b. I love you.

  3. you make me want to blog but then i find i have nothing interesting to say.

  4. I write a lot of it on the spot! Of course you have interesting things to say! You've just got to think a little - but not too much!


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