Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I would also be satisfied with spending the day at the library

So I’ve got a day off coming up soon.  Chris was going to go on a long canoe trip but instead he’s going on a shorter canoe trip but had already taken off that Monday.

I’m sure he’d rather try to get ahead on homework or the many projects going on around here, but I already claimed the day as mine.  I am in desperate need.

Now I just have to figure out what to do.  It's harder than you might think.  I tried to schedule a trip to Ikea with a friend, but she can't go that day.  And a lot of my friends work so I couldn’t really ask them to take the day off for me.

I guess I could drive to Louisville and spend some time walking through thrift stores or malls.  Maybe even go out to eat without wiping someone’s face other than mine, or cleaning up spilled milk.  But I’m not sure if I want to do all of that alone.  

 It would be nice to have more people close by who I could just call to go eat some sushi. 

It’s a lonely job, this motherhood thing.

Luckily I do pretty well with being alone.  For the most part.

But I’m looking forward to this day so much.  I want to have things go the way I think they should.

I don’t want to have overblown expectations, but really, it’s probably going to be the best day of my life, other than when the kids were born or when I got married.  

At the very least it has to not suck.

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  1. Frankfort Avenue, carmicaels book store, thrift stores, the store to save the planet, don't eat the greek, go for the teahouse, the art store, at the outdoor clothing store by chris something, have fun whatever you do.


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