Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not that he actually reads my blog anyway

I didn't get the coffee made until 10. There was no breakfast in bed, but there was a 9 month old.

He spent the early hours in bed with Sebastian, who had fallen halfway out around 5:30 and so needed a little comfort.

We're both moving a little slow since we stayed up too late last night and were forced to wake up ridiculously early by our heathen children.

The laundry isn't done so he's probably missing a few essential elements to his wardrobe.

He's spending most of the day studying so he has time to go on our family visits. I can't seem to keep Sebastian away from him, so it'll probably be another late night at the computer.

No gifts yet, but there is promise of a day of fishing alone at some point.

Happy Fathers Day to the best baby daddy I could ask for.

Maybe I'll do better next year.

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  1. He's a good guy your a lucky girl


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