Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anybody want to drop off a couple of gallons of strawberries on my front porch?

This was supposed to be a blog post about taking the kids to pick strawberries.  However, we didn’t get to go because right before we were supposed to start preparing to leave, a certain almost-3-year-old refused to clean up his cars that he’d thrown all over the floor.

One trip to time out, three trips to bed, a loss of TV privileges, countless threats and an hour and a half later the cars were picked up.

Someone needed that nap he didn’t get.

Someone’s Mama needed that nap she didn’t get.

And so we didn’t make it to pick strawberries, at least not yet.  But the season is rapidly coming to a close and if we don’t get there soon it’s just not going to happen.  

I really wanted to be more proactive this year about canning and preserving.  I like the idea of having stuff stored away for the winter.  And I was going to start with strawberries.  We go through strawberry jam so fast since Sebastian eats peanut butter and jelly almost every day.  (Is that bad for him?)  And instead of paying more money for the better quality stuff, I thought I’d just make a bunch of freezer jam. Or maybe preserves.

I’m not off to a good start.

I may have to give up.

First it took me forever to find a place to go around here.

Then my friend and I were going to go to Huber’s and get some wine to go with our strawberries, but I had a schedule conflict the only day she was available. 

So I finally found a place close by and the family was going to go last night.  I wanted someone to go with me since Adele’s not too fond of the heat and I wasn’t sure I could keep Sebastian from picking all the green berries or eating his weight in the ripe ones while also making sure the baby stayed out of the sun.  In other words, I needed Chris.  We planned on packing a picnic to eat in the car on the way there so we could make it back home by bedtime.

But that plan was foiled by a cranky Babash.

So.  No strawberries.  Though I still have hope for the wine.

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