Monday, January 7, 2013

Random Monday: Basically just me complaining. Again.

1. I still have my headache, which was not a hangover, as some have suggested.

2. However, my sinus infection seems to have exceptional drug-resistanceness and so I'm left wishing someone would take a drill to the back of my skull to relieve some of the pressure that is making my ears hurt.

3. So far there have been no takers.

4. My house is a wreck.

5. Before Christmas I made it a point to have the house, while not spotless, at least de-cluttered every single day.

6. And then the holidays and the wedding and stupid sickness happened and I'm lucky if I feel well enough to wash the dishes in the evening. 

7. And yet I still have to fetch food for children and build Lego houses and work puzzles and dodge random sippy cups that are flung at my head by an angry 2 year old.

8. Also cook dinner.

9. I have plans to go work out today but I'm debating if it will make me feel better or make me pass out.

10. At this point it's anybody's guess.

11. This weekend we met my in-laws and some visiting German friends of theirs at a restaurant. 

12. I had hoped that my angel would be a little older now and a little better behaved than the last time we took her to eat at a restaurant in public.

13. I was wrong.

14. So, so very wrong.

15. There was screaming and food throwing and toy tossing and spitting and hitting and biting and Hey - I don't think we're doing this again for at least another year.

16. I swear I try to control her.

17. It just has no affect. 

18. But she did go to sleep by herself today for a nap, so I'm just going to be grateful for small mercies and all that BS.

19. Seriously - someone drill my skull. 

20. (Not really.)

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