Friday, January 11, 2013

Homemade Friday: Master Charles Sweater and Prof. Charles Sweater

Yes, yes I did. 

Matching sweaters for Sebastian and Christopher.  And I would have made one for Adele, too, if Chris hadn't said it would be overkill.


Both of these were actually really quick knits.  I've made the Master Charles Sweater before for Chris' cousin's baby.  I wrote a bit about it here.

I didn't have the cable problems with this one that I had with the first one, thank goodness.  It took me a couple of weeks to finish.  Sebastian seems pleased with it, though he refuses to wear it because he refuses to wear anything but shorts and short sleeves.  Today it's in the 60s in January, so I guess I can let him get away with it.

He was nice enough to leave it one for all of the 3 minutes it took me to take these pictures.  At least.

Chris also hasn't worn his Prof. Charles Sweater, yet.  His has been finished for almost two months now and he's had plenty of chances and opportunities to wear it.  Really, he should know that my feelings are sensitive and I notice that he isn't wearing the sweater that I lovingly and painstakingly made for him with nothing but my two hands, some wool and a couple of needles.

I don't think he likes the color.  But I would like to remind him again that he did choose it.  And the pattern.  So really there's no excuse.  Other than the sunny, 60+ degrees it is outside right now.  But other than that, no excuse.

(Do you think he feels sufficiently guilty now?  If not I'll work on him a little more.)

I'm actually not completely satisfied with this sweater, myself.  Yes, it's pretty when you lay it on a table and take pictures of it, but there's something off with the sleeves.  I think the main problem is that I am not the best at sewing sleeves on and because of this I usually knit raglan sweaters so as to avoid the whole debacle. 

This pattern didn't call for raglan and I thought if I tried to modify it I would create an even bigger debacle because I'd have to worry about the cables and it would all just look weird.

Yarn is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Lake Ice Heather.

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