Thursday, October 25, 2012

Potty training is the best thing ever

If you were to ask me how potty training was going, I would direct your attention to the amount of times I’ve cleaned pee up off of the floor in the last week, versus the amount of times the potty has been actually used for its purpose instead of just as a hat.

I’ll let you guess which one is bigger.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Just kidding!  You thought you were getting out of here with a tasteful description of this next phase in Adele’s development.  You haven’t been reading long, have you?

I got a little ikea potty not that long ago because it’s about twice as small as the giant puppy potty we used for Sebastian, which was cumbersome and annoying and half the time the pee didn’t actually make it into the potty. 

I wasn’t entirely sure Adele was ready.  She did show some interest, and by interest I mean that she barged her way into the bathroom every time I was in it, demanding toilet paper and to flush the toilet herself thankyouverymuch.  If you didn’t comply there was much yelling and thrashing and she may even have taken a swing or two.

She takes it very seriously, apparently.

With Sebastian I waited awhile, until he was between 2 ½ and 3.  I wanted to wait until Adele was born and we were all sort of settled into being a new family of four before I attempted training because I knew that any new change, such as a brand new sister, would completely uproot all the work we’d done to get him trained.

And it wasn’t too bad, I guess, in spite of the pooping in the driveway episode. 

I figured I would start Adele a little earlier since I’m here with her all day, and we could spend most mornings here by ourselves focusing on the task at hand.  And by focusing I mean opting for the no pants rule and shoving the potty under her when she starts to pee.

She’s peed on the potty exactly once on purpose.  All week.  Once.  She’s also pooped on it once.  It’s like, she knows she has to pee, she gets that part.  But she’s still a little scared to use the potty.  She’ll run around saying ‘PEEPEE! PEEPEE!” and I know she’s got to go, but she doesn’t want to sit down long enough.

And now she refuses to wear diapers except when she’s sleeping, so whenever she’s wearing pants basically I’m just changing pull-ups like I would diapers.  And those bastards are expensive.

I know it takes a little bit for it to all click into place. 

But damn.  I’m tired of cleaning the floor.

Yes, I do let her go out in public looking like this.

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