Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fiona Apple gave me a sinus infection and second degree burns

Guys, I’m cold.  Like COLD cold.  I’ve got five layers on my top half, two of them fleece, and still I can’t get warm.  Maybe that’s care of the three hours of sleep total I got last night because the youngest decided that sleep just wasn’t her thing and her father is out of town so I had the brunt of the sleep deprivation this time.  Or maybe it’s because my husband won’t let me turn the heat on in the house until he’s around because he’s afraid it will blow up or something, and at least if he’s here will all be in it together?  Maybe?  But I guess I can be thankful that the 64 degrees it’s been inside all day has gotten Sebastian to voluntarily put on pants without argument for the first time in a week.  Do you know how exhausting it is to argue with a 4 year old about the weather and how cold it is and how cold he’ll be without shoes and pants outside?

Me and Lauren at the concert. I'm totally not drunk here.
Also I stole this picture.
Or maybe I can’t get warm because of the sinus infection Fiona Apple gave me.

That’s right.  I’m blaming her.

My friend Lauren and I went to see her in concert at the Palace on Friday.  I’m not really a concert-going person anymore, for various reasons, including money, exhaustion, and how old I usually feel.  But this one struck my fancy and Lauren said she’d go with me.  I was super psyched to relieve some of my angsty emotions and feelings that I felt so very strongly as a teenager.  I was even prepared to maybe cry.*

And I had a blast, even though I got a super awful second degree (totally guessing) burn on the roof of my mouth when I was trying to act like I knew what I was doing with chopsticks and popped a freshly-fried wonton appetizer in my mouth and was too drunk on my one Bells Two-hearted to realize that I could probably spit it out and avoid the worst of the burn and inner-mouth pealing.

It blistered almost immediately.

I just drank more to cover up the pain.

But the concert actually was disappointing, unfortunately.

It was just so loud. And that’s not something I associated with Fiona Apple.  To me she’s quiet and pensive and thoughtful and introspective.

Rock?  Not so much.  And my problem was that if you didn’t know the song, you had no idea what she was saying, or singing.  And her words and the musical composition are what make her good in my opinion.  But you couldn’t hear any of that.

She spoke into the microphone a couple of times, but you couldn’t hear what she was saying.  And she came out with a walking stick. 

So.  Concert – disappointing.  Beer and company – awesome.  Raw sushi I at even after the wonton injury of 2012 – so, so good.

But I came home with a sinus infection and a burn that still causes me so much discomfort whenever I eat, although ice water is tasting like honey from heaven these days. 

It makes the hot tea and coffee I’m craving a bitch to drink.** 

(Three hours of sleep.  WTF, Adele?  At least YOU GET TO NAP.)

*Not really, although I cried while watching a mixed martial arts movie the other day but in my defense it was very emotionally moving underneath all the beatings.

**Oh, speaking of coffee – I finally tried a pumpkin spiced latte.  It was disgusting.  You are all liars.

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